Project is organized in five main tasks and several milestones marking the progress of the results


Task 1 – Awareness of relevant concepts

Set-up a common ground through the notions of service value and public space system.

RESULTS: collaboratively set the conceptual, practical and institutional framework for the project (disciplinary and crossing viewpoints, preliminary study cases, methodologies, etc.).

Milestone 1 | Roadmap. Clarification of projects’ vocation and main goals specifications (specific issues, goals and components) and the team’s interaction tool agreed.


Task 2 – Gathering references

Collect information and benchmarking (methods, data, case study, user’s opinion, expert’s views, etc.).

RESULTS: Catalogue sort of public space systems case studies in Barcelona and Portugal.  Crossing state of the art reflections, case studies practices and knowhow from stakeholders input. Interdisciplinary brief definition of conceptual framework for assessment tools.

Milestone 2 | General survey document. Public Space Services identification and mapping. Briefing’s perspective for tool’s design.


Task 3 – Prototype for Assessment Tools

Tool’s prototype shall be defined through previous knowledge interactive analysis on system representation of discontinuities and integration deficits.

RESULTS: Prototype tools’ construction. It is the result of team’s consensus and project’s central innovation, sustaining basic development, testing and validation.

Milestone 3 | Prototype Tools


Task 4 – Testing and implementing the tools

Ensure the viability and usability of the assessment tools, both as an evaluation method and decision support tool, testing and fine-tuning its final design review

RESULTS: Final set of assessment tools and analysis of public space projects production and post-use process. Experience and knowledge exchange between team members

Milestone 4 | Revised Tools. Testing assessment tools in a selected sort of study cases – services and values – and final design review by team members and advisors


 Task 5 – Dissemination

Present the results and produce project output products

RESULTS: Final Conference and publications synthesize results, spreading knowledge, tools and recommendations to external actors and citizens at large

Milestone 5 | Final Publications. Production of output publications Handbook on PS Best Practice and Urban Design Guidelines for design management

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