Workshop “Experiences and practices of public space assessment with PSSS method”

The workshop intends to provide its participants with tools and skills to better understand the public space through the practical application of the PSSS method for the assessment and interpretation of public space in various study areas of the parish of Marvila in Lisbon.

COORDINATION Pedro Brandão (IST), Ana Brandão (IST)


OBJECTIVES To know different contexts and ways of assessing public space: concepts, criteria and techniques. To deepen the methodology of public space assessement developed in the PSSS research project. To try out an assessment of a public space, applied to a practical case, by contacting local actors. The aim is to develop a critical look at how public spaces work and who participates in their production, use and assessment, in order to improve their future performance.

CONTENTS With a strong practical component, the workshop includes expository sessions – supported by examples and discussion of themes – and application of the methodology to a case study – with visits, fieldwork and interaction with local actors.

TARGET AUDIENCE This workshop is especially aimed at professionals and technicians of local and regional administration with regard to the production or management of public spaces, students of advanced studies in various disciplinary areas, members of associations and non-governmental organizations linked to the public space, among others who wanted to deepen their knowledge and develop practical skills in interpreting and assessing the public space.


1st EDITION 10th and 11th of October, with visit to the study area on the afternoon of the 9th of October (2nd day of the PSSS conference).

download the 1st edition programme in portuguese

2nd EDITION 25th and 26th of October, with visit to the study area on the afternoon of the 24th of October.

download the 2nd edition programme in portuguese


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