PSSS Method

The PSSS proposes a theory and a method for interpreting and evaluating the service of the public space, highlighting issues, incorporating the perspectives of its actors and showing the value generated, or its potential, in the assessment process.
How useful is the PSSS method?
  • Understanding the dynamics of using a public space: understanding what works and what does not, because it is somewhat used.
  • Identifying what is needed to improve a public space: outlining solutions or recommendations and defining strategies.
  • Creating conditions for dialogue between different actors (and interests), identifying needs and desires.
  • Supporting the planning and management of public spaces.
Who can use the PSSS method?

An evaluation initiative can start with anyone with a particular interest in the subject, and it is advisable to include other individuals with different knowledge and interests in the space in question.


The method is detailed and illustrated in “COMMON PLACES. Guide for the assessment and interpretation of public space” that is available here and also in Portuguese. 


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